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WORKSHOPS – trends and inspirations

„Effective packaging for private labels”

Workshop 1 – private label packaging in the “food & non-food” category

Workshop 2 – private label packaging in the “personal care & pharmacy” category

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The workshop is targeted at those involved with private labels and private labels packaging, i.e. private labels and category managers, traders, suppliers of products for private labels, graphic designers and studios. Bespoke, profiled in-company trainings focused on a particular industry or selected categories’ specifics can also be organised within the scope of FPP

„Partnership cooperation between private label suppliers and owners”

Trainings addressed at manufacturers who wish to develop private label cooperation with retail chains and distributors. Its scope ranges from strategic analysis of the company’s readiness to produce private label products through offer development and presentation at trade-shows and business-insiders meetings, discussions with traders as well as suppliers’ role in private label creation, contract closure and the key legal aspects of trade agreements to finish with.

Training will be exclusively given by practitioners who boast many-year experience in building business relationships and private labels strategies. Trainers draw on expertise of retail chains and large suppliers of private label products.